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The RT Swing Trader is a unique online swing trading program combining veteran trader and author John Crane's 'Action/Reaction' and market timing methods with a selective set of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci principals to analyze market action and project future market swings. buy now

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Swing Trading Strategies

Market timing is the most critical element of swing trading strategies, without which successful swing trading would be impossible to achieve. John Crane understood this when he began developing his swing trading system over 20 years ago.

John Crane's Swing trading software was developed from methods John Crane wrote about in the Wall Street Journal, Futures Magazine, Stocks and Commodities, and Baron's, to name a few. He's written four books on his swing trading strategy, including: Unlocking Wealth and Advanced Swing Trading, both of which made the Traders Library's best sellers list.

Swing Trader Software encapsulates that knowledge.

The RT Swing Trader is purely a technical swing trading program systematically tracking 26 different commodity markets daily. Using John Crane's methodology of time, price, and pattern, the program projects future market swings and identifies market entry and exit points. For convenience, the RT Swing Trader can be automatically set to enter online swing trading orders.

Markets Traded in the RT Swing Trader

Markets traded in the RT Swing Trader Commodity Module: US Treasury bonds, US Treasury notes, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, British pound, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Euro currency, Cattle, Hogs, Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, Soymeal, Bean oil, Crude oil, Heating oil, Rbob gasoline, Silver, Gold, Cotton, Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar, Mini Dow Jones, Mini S&P 500.

Swing Trading and Market Timing Knowledge Center

Be sure to check out the Swing Trading and Market Timing links on the left (sidebar). The information included within those links will help you understand futures market timing and futures market swings. The concept of swing trading may be new to you, or perhaps the unique way we look at swing trading and marketing timing. As for the differences between stock trading and futures trading with respect to market timing and swing trading or swing trading strategies in general are very little. A market is a market, as they say...right! For the most part, that is true. Although there are differences between stocks and futures markets and futures trading with regard to swing trading, they're both chartable, and it's the chart we focus on.

What came first, the egg or the chicken? In a way, many traders ask the same question concerning swing trading and market timing. What came first, the fundamentals or the technicals? The RT Swing Trader is a purely technical system so it's obvious we favor the technical aspect of trading. We believe, the fundamental indicators driving the markets, particularly market timing, are already factored into the market. The very development of new market altering fundamentals change the market in a way that the technical indicators measure the shift generally before the fundamental news has filtered into the market itself. And so it is, we believe, very important to understand and continually monitor market timing using swing trading strategies. Unfortunately, that takes a great deal of time, that's why we developed the RT Swing Trader.

Topics covered in the swing trading and market timing knowledge center are: swing trading futures, swing trading stocks, swing trading day trading, swing trading timing, swing trading signals, swing trading strategies, futures trading, market timing futures, market timing stocks, market timing turning points, market timing buy signals, market timing sell signals and much more. Also, be sure to follow our up-to-date swing trading and market timing commentary on twitter and on our blog. And, as always, should you have any questions concerning market timing or swing trading, or the RT Swing Trader program give us a call.

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