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Swing Trading Software for Trading Currencies.

Looking for a trading software program to help you trade the volatile currency markets? You may want to consider the RT Swing Trader. The program signals are pattern based so that it uses the markets own price action to identify “sweet spots” where the markets are building energy inside a trend that precede explosive market moves. Once the signal has been triggered the program will make time and price projection using the unique “action-reaction” theory to project price target objectives as well as the duration of the trade. Intelligent and dynamic protective stops are automatically adjusted based off market direction, price range and momentum, therefore, protective stops are determined by actual market conditions and are not arbitrary. The program can adjust to market conditions because the algorithms are based on timeless and universal fundamental  principles of the market, therefore it can work under any market conditions and or any timeframe. Check out the performance of four of the RT Swing Trader portfolios at www.rtswingtrader.com and sign up for a free 30- day trial so you can use it for yourself.

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