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Long July Cocoa reaches reaction line on projected reversal date!

July Cocoa - When July Cocoa dipped into the 60% buy window on April 12th, the RT Swing Trader program triggered a buy signal for the July Cocoa at 2934. As soon as the buy signal was triggered, the RT Swing Trader identified April 26th as the projected reversal swing date and placed the reaction target objective at the 3200 to 3250 price objective. As you can see for the chart below, during the following eleven trading days, Cocoa rallied from the entry price at 2934 and finally reached the reaction line target objective of 3228 on the projected reversal swing date of April 26th. This is a prime example of how understanding how to use the action-reaction methodology and being able to identify the proper set up pattern can be used to enhance any trading approach. If you do not have the time to do the proper analysis, the RT Swing Trader will do it for you.

July Cocoa

July Cocoa

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